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"Strength lies in differences, not in similarities."

- Stephen Covey

A behind-the-scenes look at the core team at Adventz reinforces just that. We realize and celebrate our differences and work in perfect harmony to bring your dreams to fruition. Together we laugh, cry & sing; the exceptional joy we find in working together is evident in the results we present to the world.


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General Manager
George P Rajan, Known for his witty management style, George P Rajan helms the team at ADVENTZ . With over 14 years of experience, he brings with him a calm and collected approach to client management and the day to day functions at the organization. He strongly believes in this notion that relationships are more binding than contracts and hence has been successful in forging long lasting client relationships.
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Creative Instructor
Rajesh Krishna: Taking imagination to new level is this gifted & ingenious artist, responsible for the creative strategies and direction of all projects undertaken. With the experience amassed over 15+ years, he oversees, evaluates, and ensures utmost quality in the creative output.
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Senior Copy Writer
Rahul Krishna, with his exceptional copy writing skills & 7 years of experience, ensures 360 degrees of service through relevant, attractive, and modern content for all associated services including social media marketing, website development, branding exercise etc - all designed to achieve search engine optimization & maximize sales.
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Information Architect
Zanoof Kanhirat, with 13 years of experience & sound knowledge in the technical aspects of web development, is a master at making the most of the web. His proficiency ensures that the solutions imparted always meet the need of the hour in addition to being reliable & scalable.
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Support Executive
Dalal Faqir Mahmood Al Rawahi, is an office coordinator par excellence who combines her 8 years of experience and innate skills to ceaselessly assure quality and harmony through continual interpersonal coordination and collaboration.