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Benefits of Using Chatbots for Your Business

Nowadays many large organizations have executed Chatbots in their websites, mobile apps and social media pages to enhance their customer services. Chatbots for business is very vital, as they offer a better way to communicate with customers and can resolve customer’s problem rapidly as compare to live human agents.

A chatbot is a computer program designed to have a communication with human beings over the internet with the aid of the usage of lightweight messaging app UI, language-based rules, or artificial intelligence.

Benefits of Chatbot for Business

Chatbots are important and easy to use tool for your business websites and are help to increase revenues. Bots offer you the advantage of one-to-one marketing as they interact with users. The main benefits of Chatbox are:

Provide High User Engagement

Chatbots are become an important customer engagement tool in business. The main reason to use chatbots is that it gives an interactive experience to the users at any time. It makes customers feel they are operating with someone to assist resolve their problems. The response time taken by chats is within a second not letting customer wait. If customers have a good and positive interaction with a company or brand they may be much more likely, to return.

Suited for Mobile Uses

Along with a website presence, it has also become increasingly important for brands to have mobile apps. The chat apps give the facility that every customer can access your business virtually through mobile devices. If you implement a chatbot, which will works on the mobile browser or a messaging-app and helps to increase your customer engagement.

It Can Drive Sales

Depending on a customer’s preferences or purchases, bots can send targeted images based on their previous purchases which are more likely to convert into sales. Or it can send coupons to users about discounts. Bots can also be used to link the user to mobile commerce sites, so they can buy the product directly from mobile phones.

Cost Effective

Chatbots are cheap and they require minimal maintenance. Since it is automated, there is no labour-intensive work that goes in there. Chatbots are providing the cheapest and fastest way to engage your users.

Web development Trends 2018

Trends in website development sometimes change faster than they can be implemented. Don’t ask what are the new trends today, ask what will be the trends tomorrow.Hence it is necessary that you pay heed to the latest trends of tomorrow and incorporate these into your web development plan at the earliest as possible. You can try this by exploring latest trends and seeking to integrate those who might apply to you before everyone else does.
Here are some of the most popular web development trends that must be a part of your web development campaign and must be implemented in 2018 that are expected to have a major global impact on the web development industry in 2018.

Chat bots

Being connected to Client is more important. Chat bots providing a better user experience.Chat bots is a conversation software that allow a website to be contacted daily, at any time, without having to continuously maintain a customer service department. Every website need a customer service chat bot. The evolution of chat bots has given them new capabilities.Answering the user’s question and helping them in their task is equally necessary, redirect clients to the needed web page, or even help them complete a transaction. Chat bots, written or oral conversation software, allow a website to be contacted daily, at any time, without having to continuously maintain a customer service department.

Mobile friendly website

Mobile traffic increasing day by day , responsive websites have become obligatory within the last years. In 2018, it is time to really master mobile development,one of the best thing is to make sure that the website that you design is mobile friendly.Most of the internet users are owning a smartphone and they are using it.Responsive website development and understanding however content will be best consumed on smaller devices are a key challenge in 2018.

Progressive Web Apps

In 2018 progressive Web Applications seem to have become the major challenge of native mobile apps.Progressive web app are websites that feel like mobile application. The application type attempts to combine features offered by most modern browsers with the benefits of mobile experience. PWA bring mobile app like experiences to your users without requiring them to install an app from the app store or play store.

Push Notification

Push notifications are also a new trend which is initially used in mobile phone now this idea has been implemented for websites and is becoming new web development trend. when the user visits a website and is offered to enable push notifications. If the user enabled it, then this notifies the users about new messages on their desktop even after he has closed the tab with that website.The major advantage of such a technology you can keep the user engaged without any big efforts. Your business can get higher engagement, more visits and better sales without any additional cost.

One page website

Nowadays Single page websites have become a trending. One of the main advantage of these sites is their simplicity. Single page website does not contain any intricate navigation or endless menus to explore.Here the different parts of the site are placed on a single long page. In this, the users can scroll to navigate to various sections of the website where scrolling is the easiest navigation mode.And this concept works very well on smartphones.Single page website is mobile friendly as the users can quite easily scroll with the touch of a finger.

Motion UI

Simplicity is the trend in recent years, this is also true for web design.A smooth and eye catching animation is a necessity on the website and is becoming quite popular.Now a days motion UI is gaining popularity.With the use of motion UI we can to add some life to our minimalistic website.Actually Motion UI is the true artwork.Yet animation can not only give personality to our website it can also improve our web presence much more enjoyable for users.

In this technological era having a website is more important for the business than having an office.Using these website development trends you can attracting new customers, satisfying existing customers and encouraging older customers to return.Are you just about to create or redesign your website? Contact us to for creating stunning website.We will be happy to assist you and helping you out with the trends that would work wonders according to your website requirements.

How to Hire a Web Development Company?

Website is an essential part of your business.Now a days use of the internet and online marketing is increasing day by day.So every business need a website.Congratulations on deciding to set up a website for your business.It’s time to hire one of the many web development companies around today. Quick internet search will provide you with thousands of companies offering such web development services.Getting a website for your business is as tough a decision as setting up the business itself.But the real challenge starts now.How to get a website?? Without any doubt you need to choose a Web Development company for this crucial process.How to choose a website development company?? It is very easy, quick internet search will provide you with thousands of companies offering such Web development services.

Web development is more than having an deal with signifying your name and enterprise. It is more than displaying the offerings you provide and leaving your contact information for your clients to get in touch. Website is a business platform that should provide a convenient and clear way for the customer to buy your goods or order your services.Attractive and catching web design alone cannot make your, business a success. Apart from having look, the site should also be result driven by displaying your products and services in an easy to navigate. Equalizing the art of web design and business technique is very important when developing a website for your business.

Maintain a communication with web development company.Clear communication with web developers and website designers allows you to adjust your demands and expectations based on the outcome of the development process. They should listen to your ideas, and share their opinion, knowledge, and help contribute their insights, as well.Without communication, the developer will not deliver the product you desire or it might lead to unnecessary revisions that will delay the launch on they do deliver. Web developers and website designers are the back bone of the web development company. This group of developers and designers has a significant amount of knowledge and expertise in website development technologies that allow them to make custom website as per the needs and requirements of the client. Web Development Company with such professionals can assist you develop website that’s user friendly and responsive.

Before you hiring a web development company request quotes from as several firms as possible, review their portfolio, their previous work, experience in relevancy your business, bear the accessible testimonials, etc.Check out their Web design portfolio, its gives you quick way to determine if what they do suits your taste and matches what you are looking for in a website.

Tips to a Good Website

A better website does not mean a brand new website. It may be true in some cases, but a couple of tweaks here and there can make a huge difference. There are a range of things you could be doing. But, there is more than just checking your website for spelling errors.

Here are some ideas you can put into action right now:

  1. Condense your menu

Do you have an extensive menu on your navigation bar? If so, you might want to shorten it up. When things are easier to find, your site’s visitors tend to stay because they won’t be frustrated trying to find what they need.

  1. Have a call to action on every page

Get your user do something on every page and make it known to them. Whether it is a button or a hyperlink, do not make them to think much. Just make it easier for them to act.

  1. Phone number on home page

It’s a big mistake to hide your contact number or any details for that sake in the far away corner of your website. We still don’t get it how people could get it there on the back bench something that 95% of a site’s visitors might be looking for.

  1. Business hours

Sometimes, don’t you wish some websites mentioned their business hours? Well, this can occur to your website visitors too and it is always recommended to add the working hours so that nobody hesitates to give you a call when you are working.

  1. Tell your story

Professional experience is awesome but let people know that they are working with human beings. Add real bios of your team and let people love to work with you.

  1. Images talk a lot

Pictures speak louder than words? Beautiful professional clicks of your team, recent projects, local area, etc. can make your website engaging and at the same time convey the real spirit of your business.

  1. Give directions widget

People may like to come and visit you. Prospective customers would like you to guide them to your location rather than going around asking directions and get lost in one of the streets.


  1. Responsive is the new word

Make your website responsive – meaning make it compatible to smaller devices. It seems that the entire world is migrating to smartphones and half of them have already. You don’t want people go away frustrated from your website just because they could not view them on a smaller device properly.

  1. Be consistent

We are talking about branding. Let your website be in sync with your overall branding collateral and let people recognize you from your competitors.

  1. Do not distract your visitors

Sounds and unnecessary pop-ups can make it not only an annoying experience for distract them from your site visitors but they can be distracted from what they came for.

  1. Get real life people speaking for you

Aim at tapping the greatest asset of your company – your current customers. Add testimonials and nothing can surpass the impression they can create on your prospective customers.

  1. It matters who you hire

You need to hire a professional. Doing it in-house may not always help. Bring experience and expertise into the project for an assured outcome and carve out your special space in the virtual space.

There you go. You have all the details for a great website. If you are in the Middle East, give Adventz a call or better still, if you are in Oman pay us a visit. You can find our contact details at http://www.adventz.net/contact-us.php

Is your website secure?

You might have just got a brand new website done for your business and must be very proud to flaunt it to customers/friends. Being so, you do not want to see it hacked the very next day or receive threat messages from hackers. You might not be very tech-savvy; still you can stay alert with some very less but useful precautionary measures. The agency might have developed you a high-end chic website but it is always up to you to guard it against any possible attacks.

Most of the hacks fall within opportunistic attacks. This means that it is not any one individual that is trying to hack your website, but rather a coincidence. Something about your site was randomly caught by the trailing net as it crawled the web. It could have been something simple like having a plugin installed, or maybe the version of a platform. It can be any type of website, the only common factor being that it is connected to the web.

If the crawlers identify the website is running any exploitable software (i.e. software vulnerabilities or bugs in code), the site will be marked for the next phase of the attack, exploitation. The sequence of events can happen in a matter of minutes, days or months.

Websites are like pets and they demand a long-term commitment. They need constant care and attention. Dedicating boat-loads of resources to your website is no guarantee either. Even the security experts get hacked. It is always advisable to follow the best practices. I can enumerate a few for you below:

  • Stay up to date:Even the simplest websites are created by people and they contain errors or bugs. You should know the components your website relies on, keep tabs on the known issues, follow the security lists and get the latest stable versions of the software.
  • Limit access to resources: Lock down the access to only the resources that need access. Harden your site all three levels: the operating system, the web server, and the web application itself.
  • Use strong passwords: This is something that we come across almost daily and needs no explanation. For extra website security it is a good idea to salt the passwords, using a new salt per password.
  • Backup your siteThe rule of thumb is that you should have routine backups of your site.

Most CMSes (back end content management systems) have a lot of inbuilt website security features, but it is a still a good idea to have knowledge so that you are covered. We hope your website information stays safe with the tips.

Facts about Responsive Websites

Everybody wants a responsive website for their business these days. If you ask any expert on web marketing, they will recommend you the same. Why? The answer lies very well within Google’s latest revelation on search engine optimization.

Mobilegeddon, Google’s revised algorithm will prefer mobile-friendly websites from now on. This means it will not give preference to the sites not deemed “mobile-friendly” in its search results on smartphones—such as those that load slowly, or are hard to read on a small screen. Here is where you need a responsive website.

As more and more people are using internet over mobile devices, it is quite natural for businesses to opt for mobile-friendly responsive websites. As per studies, there is an estimated 30% rise in website traffic from mobile internet users all over the world, while this has declined a good 40% from desktop. All the more a reason to make your website responsive!

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Websites have their lay-out and coding in such a way that the website provides an optimal viewing experience. Such websites are easy to read & navigate with the least resizing, panning, and scrolling. They are optimized across a wide range of devices, from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones.

The UI elements of the website such as navigation features, screen-layouts, text, images, audio/video players and the like are created in such a way such that they re-adjust themselves on a variety of devices. To cut it short, you need not have to spend anymore for a mobile site and desktop site separately.

Benefits of having a responsive website

Versatility – The content makes itself at home on all devices and screen resolutions. Its fluidity allows it to adapt itself to any allotted space and still retain its entity, the result being same appearance of the website on a desktop as well as a device. This is as helpful to a busy professional as to a college student. Anyone can access responsive website from any device without scrolling or resizing. Responsive website designs are about optimal user experience. A responsive layout allows display specific content, which means you can easily switch content on and off for each device.

Greater SEO results – Since Mobilegeddon, we can say for sure that anything other than mobile-friendly websites do not stand a chance in turning up at the top of Google’s famed search results. There is no doubt about the fact that Google is the most popular and effective search engine. It holds an envious position in the hearts of users in terms of usefulness and friendliness. If your site is slow, and if customers go away after a few clicks because of non-usability, Google demotes your site. In responsive designs, there is no need to build links and traffic to multiple sites as responsive web design lets all your SEO efforts converge on one website. This means than all links go to the same place without slowing down the site because of redirects. Since responsive sites have the same URL and HTML, regardless of device, it is easier for Google to crawl, index, and organize content.

Economic and easy to manage effectively:

The process of streamlining the websites is no longer required. As a single site with many layouts, when content is updated on a responsive site, it is automatically updated on other devices and offers better ROI. There is no more separate investment for a mobisite and website anymore. It prevents duplicity of content, one for mobile and one for desktop and there is no need to run separate campaigns for mobile SEO and website SEO.

Adventz and responsive web designing

Adventz have always caught up with the dynamics of the web world. We let our clients have the latest features in their websites. Our technical team is up-to-date with the ever-changing world of internet and incorporates the latest of technologies in their works. This is what has made us the leading web designing companies in the Sultanate of Oman.

You can view our latest website launches at http://www.adventz.net/portfolio-website.php