E-mail marketing for your business

An email from a brand offering a voucher is a very satisfying experience to a regular customer.  Customers are usually found to be very excited when they are informed by their favorite online store about the arrival of an item that they did not get last time. It is a win-win situation for both the customer and the store.

E-mail marketing has taken over the marketing world as one of the most personal means to connect to customers. Knowing the right techniques can give a business more conversions than expected.

Businesses are like mushrooms these days. They are just blooming out from nowhere. Can’t complain though! Customers have an ocean of options to choose from. The competition is stiff, but the quality, creativity and satisfaction have gone up. When people flaunt their latest possessions, the satisfaction of getting the best at the ‘best-est’ rate is immense; no dispute on that. Even the major social media platforms have counted on this and are rolling out new features every day to promote businesses online.

Since, that’s what is happening in this happening world, it is pretty obvious what email marketing can do to brands. Their benefits are many.

Benefits of email marketing

One to one relation with customer – When a customer receives an email from a business, it is taking the relation to a whole new level. Rewarding a regular customer with a voucher or letting them know about the new arrivals that include the ‘sold out’ item they were looking for last time, businesses are customizing their services. Customers slowly develop a liking towards brands / businesses through these gestures and the gains are definitely impressive.

Brand awareness – Businesses always want to position them in the market and to have more and more people recognize and associate with their brands. The product that maintains the highest brand awareness compared to its competitors will usually get the most sales. Through newsletters and emails, a brand’s potential market is familiarizing itself with it.

Loyalty & Trust – Keeping in touch with customers has its own benefits. Not only does it boost brand awareness, but it can put a brand on top of the list of the brands which the customer is going to consider next time they are going to make a purchase. Continuous communication ensures the customer that a business knows the turf and they are going to stay.

Promotion – There cannot be a better curtain raiser when a business house is planning to bomb the market with the latest launch than to update customers with the latest products/services than through newsletters. On a very personal note, relationships with customers are enhanced, encouraging their loyalty, repeating business, acquiring new customers and convincing current customers to purchase something immediately.


What we do?

Adventz offers email marketing and with our industry experience, we have been able to give very positive results to our clients. It is a matter great pride for us that our clients consider us as the most reliable web marketing companies in the paradise of Middle East, the Sultanate of Oman.  We have the necessary expertise and experience doing email marketing regularly for many top business houses of Oman.

We help our clients to get in touch with customers on a number of topics. Regular updates are provided to a company’s customer base across Oman or specified locations about new service or product updates, useful hints and tips, updates on changes, terms of service, customer reviews, case studies, lists of popular products and services, etc..

For more info, you can contact one of us at info@adventz.net.

Facts about Responsive Websites

Everybody wants a responsive website for their business these days. If you ask any expert on web marketing, they will recommend you the same. Why? The answer lies very well within Google’s latest revelation on search engine optimization.

Mobilegeddon, Google’s revised algorithm will prefer mobile-friendly websites from now on. This means it will not give preference to the sites not deemed “mobile-friendly” in its search results on smartphones—such as those that load slowly, or are hard to read on a small screen. Here is where you need a responsive website.

As more and more people are using internet over mobile devices, it is quite natural for businesses to opt for mobile-friendly responsive websites. As per studies, there is an estimated 30% rise in website traffic from mobile internet users all over the world, while this has declined a good 40% from desktop. All the more a reason to make your website responsive!

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Websites have their lay-out and coding in such a way that the website provides an optimal viewing experience. Such websites are easy to read & navigate with the least resizing, panning, and scrolling. They are optimized across a wide range of devices, from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones.

The UI elements of the website such as navigation features, screen-layouts, text, images, audio/video players and the like are created in such a way such that they re-adjust themselves on a variety of devices. To cut it short, you need not have to spend anymore for a mobile site and desktop site separately.

Benefits of having a responsive website

Versatility – The content makes itself at home on all devices and screen resolutions. Its fluidity allows it to adapt itself to any allotted space and still retain its entity, the result being same appearance of the website on a desktop as well as a device. This is as helpful to a busy professional as to a college student. Anyone can access responsive website from any device without scrolling or resizing. Responsive website designs are about optimal user experience. A responsive layout allows display specific content, which means you can easily switch content on and off for each device.

Greater SEO results – Since Mobilegeddon, we can say for sure that anything other than mobile-friendly websites do not stand a chance in turning up at the top of Google’s famed search results. There is no doubt about the fact that Google is the most popular and effective search engine. It holds an envious position in the hearts of users in terms of usefulness and friendliness. If your site is slow, and if customers go away after a few clicks because of non-usability, Google demotes your site. In responsive designs, there is no need to build links and traffic to multiple sites as responsive web design lets all your SEO efforts converge on one website. This means than all links go to the same place without slowing down the site because of redirects. Since responsive sites have the same URL and HTML, regardless of device, it is easier for Google to crawl, index, and organize content.

Economic and easy to manage effectively:

The process of streamlining the websites is no longer required. As a single site with many layouts, when content is updated on a responsive site, it is automatically updated on other devices and offers better ROI. There is no more separate investment for a mobisite and website anymore. It prevents duplicity of content, one for mobile and one for desktop and there is no need to run separate campaigns for mobile SEO and website SEO.

Adventz and responsive web designing

Adventz have always caught up with the dynamics of the web world. We let our clients have the latest features in their websites. Our technical team is up-to-date with the ever-changing world of internet and incorporates the latest of technologies in their works. This is what has made us the leading web designing companies in the Sultanate of Oman.

You can view our latest website launches at http://www.adventz.net/portfolio-website.php

Increasing Mobile Engagement

“The positive economic outlook, particularly for the Gulf Cooperation Council
(GCC) markets which include Oman, continue to accentuate local business
potential and provide significant opportunities for ICT solutions vendors,”
says Paul Black, director of telecommunications and media for IDC Oman,
Muscat, Africa, and Turkey. “These trends are expected to continue in 2014,
backed by government programs to improve healthcare, education, and
governance infrastructure. Furthermore, the development of smart cities, as
well as the expansion of multinational companies in the Muscat, Oman, will
increase pressure on local businesses to become more mature in their use of
ICT applications. Most telcos are adopting a two-pronged approach to business
transformation; firstly, they are expanding their ICT portfolios and service
delivery capabilities by forging key partnerships, and are leveraging their
traditional strengths such as diverse sales channels and infrastructure assets.
Secondly, they are acquiring larger
up dedicated business units.”

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Social media – the potential for development in Oman

Social media – the potential for development in Oman

(Original article was featured in Eternal Oman, a coffee table book published by Faces Magazine, in celebration of the 43rd National Day,Sultanate of Oman)

Cover Page


Social media, a term that is as ubiquitous as the various social media itself, has become a major game changer of the internet era.

Page 1It encompasses a wide array of web and mobile based technologies that foster interaction, allowing people to build relationships and create, share and exchange ideas and information in virtual communities and networks, says Baby Sam Samuel, an entrepreneurial executive with core expertise in building brand recognition and sales momentum. Currently involved in diverse entrepreneurial activities and as the Brand Strategist for Knowledge Oman, the volunteer based organization, he presents here his perspectives on the growth of social media in the country, listing out various online services to reflect on the  present social media scene in the country.

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Six Ways To Turn Your Website Visitors Into Clients

A successful website helps to turn visitors to potential customers. This is the basic expectation from a business website. It is often a concern whenever the website fails to reach the targeted mission. The major question is how to transform visitors to customers? You need to understand some facts to accomplish this task.

User friendly interface

First thing is to create a useful and user friendly website. You need to know what your site can offer your visitors. It must be visually appealing so that it can attract more clients. It this part is a failure, the website may not be able to hold the visitor for a time frame. With comprehensive and precise information, you can easily hold your visitors and make them stay longer on each page.

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Don’t Neglect Your Online Presence! Great Web Design and SEO

For most of the businesses, an operative website is an imperative element. What is the real factor that contributes to make a website operative and efficient? There are several businesses that keep a website just because it is considered a must for them. This is an opinion from a large base of customers that we meet around. It is the website that plays a crucial role to outline the online presence of a business. But it often functions as a routine mechanism that lacks a particular lively effect. When we talk about web based marketing, the complex question is how to make use of the website to drive the business. Next comes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is a buzz word these days.

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Learning about PHP

PHP or Hypertext Pre-processor is something which any person related to the IT industry would have come across. It is an open source server side programming language available at free of cost that can be easily obtained from the market. It has a coding style that is quiet and easy to understand and is usually very proficient on multi-platforms like Windows, Linux, and UNIX and other more.

In the present day, PHP is one of the most popular server side scripting languages working and is basically utilized for making dynamic web pages that correspond with the user offering customized information. Aside from being fast, stable, secure and easy to use, PHP offers other numerous advantages that had most developers using it. Continue reading “Learning about PHP” »

The Role of B2B portals in e-commerce

Buisness2Buisness (B2B) portals have played their role in changing the way e-commerce operates in the present world scenario. With clear and indispensible benefits, many businesses have gained massive online credibility as well as international clientele by being part of some reputable B2B portals. The popularity of such portals can be judged from the fact that, with mounting presence and increasing members, countless B2B portals catering to specific business niches operate in different parts of the world. Let’s have a look at few of the roles these B2B portals have played in making the e-commerce.

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The Age of the Digital Branding Entrepreneur

Branding is a language in itself; it is an ongoing dialogue that tells the story of a product and a business to its customers every time they come in contact with the brand. A brand image is a reflection, in every aspect of a product, company or service, of the vision and
mission of an organization and is consequently a promise made to the customers. It has become the most important input in the customer decision process

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