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Web Design Trends in 2018 and Beyond

In 2017, we saw many advancement trends in website designing. The web is a unique environment which is constantly changing and evolving. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some most important trends in 2018 and beyond.

Vibrant Color Schemes
2018 is definitely the year for vibrant and saturated color schemes online. Vibrant color and personalisation can be useful for newer brands hoping to instantly attract their visitors’ attention to their website. We are also going to see more experimentation with double exposure, gradients, and photo saturation in web designing.

Rebellious Typography Choices
Typography is a powerful visual tool help to set tone on a website. Headers are key SEO elements which help to order information for the scanning eyes of readers. New trends of changes in headings can help to attract visitors keep them on reading your website.

In 2018, we’re going to see the major changes in header text styles, which include: bold and large letters, oddly spaced, transparent, contrasting font styles and more.

Asymmetrical Layouts
We saw that the introduction of asymmetrical and broken layouts in 2017. This web trend will still be going strong in 2018 and designers are going to experiment with layouts and grids, using unexpected changes and asymmetrical balance.

Experimental Video and Animation
2018 will bring the interactive websites with more experimental uses of video in the form of animation, cinema graphs, particle backgrounds, virtual realities. With the help of videos and animations, designers will work on your website to create meaningful interactions for your visitors.

Mobile First
Now Google considers the mobile version of the website for determining rank. So, the mobile design has matured and will more focus for mobile users. The roll-out burger has become established, minimizing the menu for the small screen. UX issues have become easier to identify and fix with micro. 2018 will continue to see designers create clever ways to organise information beautifully and intuitively.

Website Security Tips and Basics

Do you ever think about the security of your website?? Is it secure now?? If someone hack your website what will you do?? Many of the website owners don’t know their website is secure, or even understand the importance of securing their website.Number of Hackers is increasing in day by day.They can easily hack your website.You might now be wondering what this has to do with your innocuous little blog or website.Hackers may want to destroy all your records in the site , put a sick message on your client screens or just destroy your reputation.

There are things that you can do to secure your website!!!

Update All Software’s
if you want to secure your wewbsite then update your site as soon as a new plugin or content management system with the latest patches and definitions.Make sure that you run these updates and have the new version supporting your website.

Use Strong Password
Use strong passwords to your server and website admin area.Make sure your password is a combination of alphanumeric characters, symbols, upper and lower case characters and is at least 12 characters.Do not use the same password for all your different website logins. Change your passwords regularly to keep them more secure.

Always Backup Your Website
Regularly backup your website and keep it in secure place.If you don’t backup your website, all of your content could be lost as a result of one successful attack.

Use a Secure Host
Make sure you use a reputable hosting service.Most of the hosting provider frees you from much of the website security risk burden, as they would take care of the website security for the webserver.

Ensure Https Security
Must use Https for your entire website.Https is a protocol used to provide security over the Internet.Https appears in the URL when a website is secured by an SSL certificate.

While these tips alone will not guarantee that your website is never hacked. Hopefully these tips will help keep your website and information safe.

Benefits of Using Chatbots for Your Business

Nowadays many large organizations have executed Chatbots in their websites, mobile apps and social media pages to enhance their customer services. Chatbots for business is very vital, as they offer a better way to communicate with customers and can resolve customer’s problem rapidly as compare to live human agents.

A chatbot is a computer program designed to have a communication with human beings over the internet with the aid of the usage of lightweight messaging app UI, language-based rules, or artificial intelligence.

Benefits of Chatbot for Business

Chatbots are important and easy to use tool for your business websites and are help to increase revenues. Bots offer you the advantage of one-to-one marketing as they interact with users. The main benefits of Chatbox are:

Provide High User Engagement

Chatbots are become an important customer engagement tool in business. The main reason to use chatbots is that it gives an interactive experience to the users at any time. It makes customers feel they are operating with someone to assist resolve their problems. The response time taken by chats is within a second not letting customer wait. If customers have a good and positive interaction with a company or brand they may be much more likely, to return.

Suited for Mobile Uses

Along with a website presence, it has also become increasingly important for brands to have mobile apps. The chat apps give the facility that every customer can access your business virtually through mobile devices. If you implement a chatbot, which will works on the mobile browser or a messaging-app and helps to increase your customer engagement.

It Can Drive Sales

Depending on a customer’s preferences or purchases, bots can send targeted images based on their previous purchases which are more likely to convert into sales. Or it can send coupons to users about discounts. Bots can also be used to link the user to mobile commerce sites, so they can buy the product directly from mobile phones.

Cost Effective

Chatbots are cheap and they require minimal maintenance. Since it is automated, there is no labour-intensive work that goes in there. Chatbots are providing the cheapest and fastest way to engage your users.

Web development Trends 2018

Trends in website development sometimes change faster than they can be implemented. Don’t ask what are the new trends today, ask what will be the trends tomorrow.Hence it is necessary that you pay heed to the latest trends of tomorrow and incorporate these into your web development plan at the earliest as possible. You can try this by exploring latest trends and seeking to integrate those who might apply to you before everyone else does.
Here are some of the most popular web development trends that must be a part of your web development campaign and must be implemented in 2018 that are expected to have a major global impact on the web development industry in 2018.

Chat bots

Being connected to Client is more important. Chat bots providing a better user experience.Chat bots is a conversation software that allow a website to be contacted daily, at any time, without having to continuously maintain a customer service department. Every website need a customer service chat bot. The evolution of chat bots has given them new capabilities.Answering the user’s question and helping them in their task is equally necessary, redirect clients to the needed web page, or even help them complete a transaction. Chat bots, written or oral conversation software, allow a website to be contacted daily, at any time, without having to continuously maintain a customer service department.

Mobile friendly website

Mobile traffic increasing day by day , responsive websites have become obligatory within the last years. In 2018, it is time to really master mobile development,one of the best thing is to make sure that the website that you design is mobile friendly.Most of the internet users are owning a smartphone and they are using it.Responsive website development and understanding however content will be best consumed on smaller devices are a key challenge in 2018.

Progressive Web Apps

In 2018 progressive Web Applications seem to have become the major challenge of native mobile apps.Progressive web app are websites that feel like mobile application. The application type attempts to combine features offered by most modern browsers with the benefits of mobile experience. PWA bring mobile app like experiences to your users without requiring them to install an app from the app store or play store.

Push Notification

Push notifications are also a new trend which is initially used in mobile phone now this idea has been implemented for websites and is becoming new web development trend. when the user visits a website and is offered to enable push notifications. If the user enabled it, then this notifies the users about new messages on their desktop even after he has closed the tab with that website.The major advantage of such a technology you can keep the user engaged without any big efforts. Your business can get higher engagement, more visits and better sales without any additional cost.

One page website

Nowadays Single page websites have become a trending. One of the main advantage of these sites is their simplicity. Single page website does not contain any intricate navigation or endless menus to explore.Here the different parts of the site are placed on a single long page. In this, the users can scroll to navigate to various sections of the website where scrolling is the easiest navigation mode.And this concept works very well on smartphones.Single page website is mobile friendly as the users can quite easily scroll with the touch of a finger.

Motion UI

Simplicity is the trend in recent years, this is also true for web design.A smooth and eye catching animation is a necessity on the website and is becoming quite popular.Now a days motion UI is gaining popularity.With the use of motion UI we can to add some life to our minimalistic website.Actually Motion UI is the true artwork.Yet animation can not only give personality to our website it can also improve our web presence much more enjoyable for users.

In this technological era having a website is more important for the business than having an office.Using these website development trends you can attracting new customers, satisfying existing customers and encouraging older customers to return.Are you just about to create or redesign your website? Contact us to for creating stunning website.We will be happy to assist you and helping you out with the trends that would work wonders according to your website requirements.

How to Hire a Web Development Company?

Website is an essential part of your business.Now a days use of the internet and online marketing is increasing day by day.So every business need a website.Congratulations on deciding to set up a website for your business.It’s time to hire one of the many web development companies around today. Quick internet search will provide you with thousands of companies offering such web development services.Getting a website for your business is as tough a decision as setting up the business itself.But the real challenge starts now.How to get a website?? Without any doubt you need to choose a Web Development company for this crucial process.How to choose a website development company?? It is very easy, quick internet search will provide you with thousands of companies offering such Web development services.

Web development is more than having an deal with signifying your name and enterprise. It is more than displaying the offerings you provide and leaving your contact information for your clients to get in touch. Website is a business platform that should provide a convenient and clear way for the customer to buy your goods or order your services.Attractive and catching web design alone cannot make your, business a success. Apart from having look, the site should also be result driven by displaying your products and services in an easy to navigate. Equalizing the art of web design and business technique is very important when developing a website for your business.

Maintain a communication with web development company.Clear communication with web developers and website designers allows you to adjust your demands and expectations based on the outcome of the development process. They should listen to your ideas, and share their opinion, knowledge, and help contribute their insights, as well.Without communication, the developer will not deliver the product you desire or it might lead to unnecessary revisions that will delay the launch on they do deliver. Web developers and website designers are the back bone of the web development company. This group of developers and designers has a significant amount of knowledge and expertise in website development technologies that allow them to make custom website as per the needs and requirements of the client. Web Development Company with such professionals can assist you develop website that’s user friendly and responsive.

Before you hiring a web development company request quotes from as several firms as possible, review their portfolio, their previous work, experience in relevancy your business, bear the accessible testimonials, etc.Check out their Web design portfolio, its gives you quick way to determine if what they do suits your taste and matches what you are looking for in a website.

Web design and SEO – Web designer needs to know about SEO

Website design and Search Engine Optimization(SEO) are connected together. Websites designed without SEO in mind can cause ranking issue.If website is not search engine friendly that badly affect your SERP ranking.To avoid that, you must consider some basic SEO principles and good content development practices.

Here are some SEO hints that can lead you to a more search engine friendly web design.

1.Responsive Web Design
SEO friendly website is that it should be attractive and responsive. This type of design allows your website to perform optimally on multiple devices. From an SEO perspective, a responsive website has a single URL for both the mobile and the main site, which means that you will have to drive links to a single URL instead of two. This is an easy way to increase your external backlink count.

2. SEO-Friendly URL
You need to make sure that the URL of your site is SEO-friendly. Only use keywords that are relevant to your business and relate to it in some way. Avoid using long URLs, and if possible separate terms using hyphens. The best URLs contain keywords that help describe the content of the page.The URL should give people an idea about your business.A clear and logical URL formation is essential for an SEO-friendly website. Search engines dislike unspecific URLs.

3. Optimized Images
To get a better rank in the search results, optimize your images along with the text on your website. Avoid using large images on your website. Large images make your site load slower. Make sure that all of your image alt tags are descriptive, Search engines will read alt tag and may take them into consideration when determining the relevancy of the page to the keywords a searcher queries.

4. Make a Quick Navigation menu

When you design your website, make sure the navigation is not difficult. Users experience an easier navigation .Easy navigation on your website for both the users and the search engines is essential. Your menus need to be helpful and functional. You must link your pages together properly.Place the navigation bar either at the top or along the left margin of the page.when users land on your website so that they can easily find what they are looking for.

5.Be Careful With JavaScripts

When you’re designing your website, make certain which you do not use JavaScripts in your complete web pagelayout. With the help of JavaScript, you can make a attractive website, but it is should be used partially. Too much use of a JavaScript can have a negative impact instead of procuring positive one. The search engines opt for the restrained use of JavaScript. When the Search engines crawl index the web page,excessive use of Java Scripts will cause crawling issues.

6.Website Speed Matters
Web page load time is an one of the important thing from a website visitor’s perspective.If your website doesn’t load quickly, you are not only going to lose client, you are also going to lose your traffic. Costomers are busy and do not like waiting for a page to load. To reduce the page load time, make sure you are minimizing Javascripts, enabling compression, using small images, and browser caching. So, make sure your web page loads quickly.

7. Update Fresh and Unique Content
Use Content that search engine spiders can read.When designing a website, makes sure you take a good structure for content. Content is the life force of a website, and it is what the search engines feed on.If your website has a blog, add latest posts on all of your web pages. Search engines love to see content of web pages changing from time to time as it indicates that the website is still alive and well. If you changing content regularly, comes greater crawling frequency by search engines as well.

8. Add Heading Tags Properly
Correct and proper use of heading tags in your web page content. Use the h1 tag for the main topic of the page.Also use h2 through h6 tags to indicate content hierarchy and to delineate blocks of similar content.Don’t use multiple h1 tags on a single page so that your key topic is not diluted.

9. Proper Meta Tag
Meta Tags are code that lie between the open and closing head tags in the HTML code of a document.It is a part of a web page but is not seen by people viewing the page in browsers.Meta tags tells the browsers specific information about the page. Page titles, descriptions, and keywords should all be different. Many times, web designers will create a template for a website and forget to change out the meta data, and what ends up happening is that several pages will use the same meta data.Every page should have unique meta data,that help the search engines on how the page will be described and indexed.

10. W3C Validation
Web designer ought to do clean code that the HTML will approve legitimately. Validation is necessary for CSS too. Overall, validation should be measured as an essential component of good code development.Search engines love clean code.Clean code makes the site easier to index, and can be an indicative factor of how well a website is constructed.Following W3C guidelines additionally forces you to write semantic markup, which can only be a good thing for SEO.

Why do you need strategic marketing solutions?

Any promotion is uncompleted without strategic marketing solutions. Promoting your business is that the right tool to convey your business messages to your established and potential customers however previous you bear any seminars or promotional event, it’s suggested to outline a selected promoting methods to whom to focus on, that space is to be targeted, what kinds of customers are to be targeted, what product, brand or brand style to be promoted. Primarily any promoting is completed with the pure intention to develop awareness concerning you are your business among the market and your customers.

Many times it’s done by distributing free promotional things to draw in a lot of and a lot of customers or providing any discount supply to draw in potential consumers. It’s been for the most part discovered that the traditional promotional events doesn’t supply the expected result and finance a lot of on promotional methods wouldn’t be terribly fruitful. The simplest thanks to grab immediate attention of the mass is on-line advertising. Although it might prove a fashionable affair at the primary stage however once clicked the manner you had expected, you do not have to be compelled to recall in life. Online advertising with the help of strategic marketing solutions would convey your business message among or across the country with the good potency.

The first step into this direction is to search out an acknowledged and reliable web site designer or website development agency is knowledgeable with the exception of being knowledgeable net designer .The designer would highlight the vital visual pictures of the corporate with the assistance of digital enticing colours, adding necessary footage of the product with vital text choosing quality fonts etc. He would prepare every page of the web site providing the careful info which will attract any web user. He would additionally prepare associate identity of the corporate by using strategic marketing solutions that distinguishes the corporate from the opposite corporations within the market.

Online advertising and marketing has now blended with traditional advertising and marketing strategies, however one component does stay the same – the bottom line is still approximately connecting, speaking and constructing relationships. Consumers anticipate a seamless experience.

Businesses are available in all styles and sizes, but irrespective of what yours does, if your organization has now not addressed integrated advertising in a diligent way you’re most probably trailing at the back of your competitors, and could keep to accomplish that. Integrated Marketing Solutions can be your distinction maker, and the trade can start proper now.

Digital Marketing – Points to keep in mind

Digital marketing is one of the most speedily rising areas of advertising in recent times. But, so as to stay pace with its huge impact on consumers’ media practices, entrepreneurs should do quite unfold their offline promotions into the digital marketing zone.Digital marketing method is presenting new terms of engagement between customers and brands; it’s additionally reshaping media application across previous and new avenues. Analysis has shown that the foremost important and valuable client still have interaction with digital media even after they square measure looking at tv. So as be actually eminent, a product’s marketing strategy should incorporate with digital marketing from the beginning.

Digital marketing strategy is basically the advertising of brands through the use of every kind of digital marketing ways that therefore on succeed the audience.Brand awareness is fundamental when it comes to enhancing your online branding. It presently includes tv, internet, mobile media, radio, social media marketing, and therefore the different styles of digital media.

Before enter the world of digital marketing you should keep this tips in your mind.

1.Customers– Before utilizing this kind of in drawing customers and increase your sales, you have got to see first however your customers use digital marketing to assemble data concerning services, products, or any topics related to your business.

2.Experience– Before you go full force into selling, it’s essential that you just apprehend your choices, the way to do contemporary ideas, and the way to live their success. If you do not have expertise, take into account hiring a best website agency makes a specialty of these services.

3.Budget– Value could be a think about any kind of promotion. cheap alternatives embody crafting your social media presence through blogging or manufacturing selling videos exploitation your pc and camera. Alternatives like making micro-sites or pay-per-click ad campaigns sometimes involve an even bigger selling budget.

4.Time– Designing and implementing digital marketing strategies, it needs time as a result of marketing methods want constant observation so as to live properly what is functioning and what must be modified.

Enhance Your Website With Simple Tips

A website is often the first touch point for many businesses to communicate with its customers. You’re searching for something on the web and there are pages and pages of results to filter through. Naturally you’re most likely to start at the top and work your way down the list until something gets your attention. You may be hooked in by a nice picture, catchy headline or video to watch, but you are still at the mercy of the well-trained, media savvy, no-time-to-waste viewer who is only one click away from jumping to the next item on the search list.
In the event that you need to improve your website, there are a couple of things you can do.


Above all else, speed. It is truly essential that your pages stack quick, generally individuals will click away. For Google, it’s about client encounter, with speed being a positioning element . A simple approach to do this, is to upgrade and lessen the extent of your pictures on your website.

Versatile inviting

Expanding upon user experience, your website must be mobile friendly. With a blast in cell phone innovation and overall utilization, the web is actually readily available. Websites that are un-responsive on mobile appear out of scale and are hard to navigate. Google are constantly changing and updating their algorithms, with mobile friendliness a ranking factor. Consider using a website builder that offers responsive themes such as WordPress.

The look and feel

How your website looks will depend on your branding, but it’s equally important to consider how you sound too. Gauge feedback from a range of people. It can give you valuable information on the way your business looks and sounds to the outside world.

Content that conveys

Basically, if your website content is not relevant to what your visitor is looking for, then they will leave. Quality content is a best positioning factor for Google. Your web pages must contain useful information that accurately describes your topic. Keep your site up-to-date with new and important content or try to solve a problem your customer may have.

Include video content

Adding video substance to your website enhances your SEO. Google priorities web searches with video, as it is deemed to be ‘quality content’. Not only will visitors stay on your site longer; a well-made video with quality content is a much more engaging way to deliver information and help to build trust.

Continue refreshing your site

If you can, refresh your website all the time. Notice how clients are responding to different parts of your website, and make sure you deal with the weak points.

Let us make a SEO strategy plan

Most businesses already understand the basic concept of SEO or Search Engine Optimization and its importance, but going beyond the incremental growth would require a sound set of strategies that will set you apart from your competitors.


Setting up your website with the right keywords so that your business shows up online within search results (Search Engine Optimization or SEO).Optimize Multiple Target Pages. That is why, for websites to rank in search engines, it’s better to have multiple web pages tailored to specific keywords or phrases because getting one page to rank for a handful of keywords is next to impossible. It is essential to go beyond and identify the more relevant keywords as these will deliver more organic traffic faster but would require less effort compared to the other competitive keywords.

Interview industry leaders. This will create an advantage for you to produce amazing content. It will also make you appear trustworthy and authoritative to your audience as they begin to
associate you with leaders of the industry.

Another great plan is to write content about your products and your competitors’ products! This tactic can open tremendous opportunities as long as your product and services are superior in some way compared to your competitors. Instead of bashing your rivals, make a clear and objective explanation of the differences: like the pros and cons of each and therefore allowing your readers to make an educated decisions based on facts.

Blogging has always been an incredible way to rank for keywords and engage the visitors of the website. Every blog is considered to be a new web page!

Be an Influencer. Now if you’re willing to put hard work on your SEO strategies, be an influencer as it is going to be worth the effort. Whenyou’re doing well, you don’t need to work very hard to earn exposure and get links. Once other businesses in your industry see your site’s value, they’ll helppromote you and your company.