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Social media – the potential for development in Oman

Social media – the potential for development in Oman

(Original article was featured in Eternal Oman, a coffee table book published by Faces Magazine, in celebration of the 43rd National Day,Sultanate of Oman)

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Social media, a term that is as ubiquitous as the various social media itself, has become a major game changer of the internet era.

Page 1It encompasses a wide array of web and mobile based technologies that foster interaction, allowing people to build relationships and create, share and exchange ideas and information in virtual communities and networks, says Baby Sam Samuel, an entrepreneurial executive with core expertise in building brand recognition and sales momentum. Currently involved in diverse entrepreneurial activities and as the Brand Strategist for Knowledge Oman, the volunteer based organization, he presents here his perspectives on the growth of social media in the country, listing out various online services to reflect on the  present social media scene in the country.

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Six Ways To Turn Your Website Visitors Into Clients

A successful website helps to turn visitors to potential customers. This is the basic expectation from a business website. It is often a concern whenever the website fails to reach the targeted mission. The major question is how to transform visitors to customers? You need to understand some facts to accomplish this task.

User friendly interface

First thing is to create a useful and user friendly website. You need to know what your site can offer your visitors. It must be visually appealing so that it can attract more clients. It this part is a failure, the website may not be able to hold the visitor for a time frame. With comprehensive and precise information, you can easily hold your visitors and make them stay longer on each page.

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